Bib & Tucker Bourbon Whiskey

Bib & Tucker definitely has the coolest bottle I’ve seen. And, the juice inside is pretty delicious, too.

Batch: 002, Bottle No. 34344

Tasting Notes:

Eye: Rich Caramel. Nice Legs.  

Nose: Oak. Caramel. Toffee. Maple Syrup. Butterscotch.

Tongue: Almonds. Tobacco Leaf. Honey. Vanilla. Rye.

Finish: Nice, lingering burn. Almonds. Nutty wood. Tobacco Leaf.


Bib & Tucker Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey is aged for 6 years. It is bottled at 92-proof.

The brand’s back-story revolves around the old-timey expression that described one’s fancy clothing – Bib & Tucker. Sounds like a tuxedo to me.

The bottle doesn’t give us much information, other than it was bottled by 35 Maple Street in Crestwood, Kentucky. Mark Gillespie does a wonderful write-up of the company for his Whiskey Cast website.

The contents taste well matured, but it is not labelled “Straight” whiskey. According to Gillespie, the majority of the whiskey is said to be 8 years, but since it’s not on the label, it’s better to take those statements with a grain of salt.

At $59, Bib & Tucker is a pretty honest price for this whiskey – especially considering the pressed-bottle. Let’s hope it stays that way. Personally, I’m going to keep the empty around as a decanter.

Article by akendeall

Aaron is a whiskey writer, brand ambassador and distiller based in Pittsburgh, Pa., who has been working in the spirits industry since 2013.