Highland Park 12 Y.O.

Highland Park 12 Y.O.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Light peat. Vanilla.

Tongue: Honey. Heather. Marzipan. Vanilla. Caramel. Velvety. Touch of Sherry sweetness.

Finish: Peaty charcoal. Caramel.


Highland Park is a Single Malt Scotch Whisky. It is produced in the Highland region of Scotland, on the Orkney Island. Not too long ago, the Islands had their own demographical sub-region, but today they have been folded into the greater Highlands region.

Highland Park 12 utilizes primarily first-fill sherry casks in the production of its single malts. These casks give the spirit a voluminous, velvety sweetness – especially in the finish.

Owned by the Edrington Group, Highland Park has an enormous portfolio. These include the standard age range expressions — 12 Year, 18 Year, 21 Year, 25 Year, 30 Year, 40 Year – along with a non-age-statement range. The NSA range includes Dark Origins along with a Nordic-themed suite that celebrates the islands history as Viking outpost during the conquest of the British Isles.

Highland Park 12 Y.O. is one of the best values in Scotch right now. It retails for about $45.


Article by akendeall

Aaron is a whiskey writer, brand ambassador and distiller based in Pittsburgh, Pa., who has been working in the spirits industry since 2013.