March Madness Cocktail Menu

Recently, I wrote about the idea of creating custom cocktail menus for your guests [link]. After all, spirits writers have mentioned home entertainment as a top cocktail trend for 2016. If you’re going to drink sophisticated cocktails with your friends, why deal with pretensions that can come along with craft cocktail bars?


So, when I recently had some friends over to root on my alma mater West Virginia University and their Men’s Basketball team for the last regular season game, you better believe that the Mountaineers were featured prominently.

With March Madness coming up, a custom cocktail menu is the perfect way to add a little home-team pep to your party. They don’t take much time, and it’s a perfect way to showcase what you have in your home bar — from special bottlings to stuff you’re trying to get rid of… Just like a real bar!

Full PDF Click: Mountaineer_Menu


Article by akendeall

Aaron is a whiskey writer, brand ambassador and distiller based in Pittsburgh, Pa., who has been working in the spirits industry since 2013.