Wigle begets Threadbare

Pittsburgh-based small-volume distillery Wigle Whiskey is expanding its operations into a third facility. The new venture, which will be called Threadbare, will delve into the world of mead and hard apple cider. Jill Steiner, Director of Events and Public Relations at Wigle, said that the seven-figure investment was spawned out of research into Johnny Appleseed….

Wigle releases Straight Whiskey line

Pittsburgh’s Wigle Whiskey recently released a pair of straight whiskey expressions. Wigle Straight Rye Whiskey and Wigle Straight Wheat Whiskey are each sold in 750 ML size bottles, come with a 3-year age statement and were matured in standard 55-gallon sized barrels. By law, “Straight” whiskies are made from at least 51% of the predominant…